Automated Cutting has been in the industry for more than 30 years. As technology matures:

Why should I invest in Automated Cutting Technologies?

The purchase price of an automation machine gives you the assumption that the cost is too high, however you will have to consider the following:



You would think that the purchase price of an automation machine would be expensive – In reality, it improves your gross numbers more than you think.


A) Our Automated Cutting Technology maximizes the materials used in production which promotes material efficiency

B) Increases Productivity which means Increased Revenue

C) Error Elimination

D) Labor Efficiency, Reduced Overtime and Increased Employee Satisfaction



The popular saying these days - “The World Is Getting Smaller”. Businesses especially in the manufacturing sector have been more competitive than ever. Productivity in the most efficient way is key and technology investment is primarily the answer. Having up-to-date infrastructure not only keeps you ahead of the local market, but it also opens doors to foreign opportunities.

Why should we trust your brands?

BLEUCIEL Enterprise follows a criteria on picking its suppliers.


1) Quality Products

2) Responsive Servicing and Support

3) Reputation and Number of Years in the Industry


Customer satisfaction is and will always be our main priority.

How do we go about Training and Support?

BLEUCIEL Enterprise has its own engineers stationed in the Philippines with direct support from its supplier’s headquarters. These products are also extremely user-friendly and in addition, it comes with highly detailed documentations for an enhanced learning experience.